Stanford’s Professor Tabrizi über „Rapid Transformative Change“

Wie sieht heute der Alltag in unseren Unternehmen aus? – Alles ändert sich ständig. Immer umfassender, immer schneller. Alles auf einmal.

Schneller, unternehmensweiter Wandel ist das Forschungsgebiet von Professor Behnam Tabrizi: Pioneering researcher in rapid transformation and consulting professor in management science and engineering at Stanford University.

stanford_logo„Transformative change demands revolution, not evolution,“ explains Tabrizi. „In today’s fast-moving global environment, businesses no longer have the luxury of changing things incrementally. You must address all issues at the same time, and you must do it very quickly. To lead this kind of rapid transformation in an organization, you must inspire passionate commitment at the top, engage talent from everywhere in your company, and then convince people to actively participate in every part of the process.“

This approach is drawn from Tabrizi’s book, Rapid Transformation: A 90-day Plan for Fast and Effective Change with it’s focus on effective communication. It builds on a proven four-phase process:

* Phase 1 — Identify root problems including the sacred cows, and target and engage top-level champions and grassroots support.
* Phase 2 — Envision the future and create a manifesto, or inspirational, big-picture plan.
* Phase 3 — Pave the road: develop convincing data, create specific tasks assignments, and time frames.
* Phase 4 — Execute the company-wide change — a process, not an event.

Die Ergebnisse des Buches sind in eine Ausbildung eingeflossen, die nicht nur an der Stanford University gelehrt , sondern auch virtuell im Web angeboten wird: Leading Change from the Middle.

1 Response to “Stanford’s Professor Tabrizi über „Rapid Transformative Change“”

  1. 1 commscrum 17. März 2010 um 13:59

    Thank you for the recommendation of Professor Tabrizi’s book–it’s not something I had heard of, but undoubtedly something I might have found useful on previous engagements.

    That much being said–one of the pitfalls in rapid change is a lack of understanding of what is sacred about the status quo and what drives resistance to change. One excellent source of insights about this issue was the movie Invictus, which discussed Nelson Mandela’s efforts to consolidate the country following the institution of Black Majority Rule in South Africa.

    I’ve written a review which covers the key thoughts–you may find it here.

    All the best,

    Mike Klein, The Intersection, Brussels

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